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Title: Movies blogspot

Project Description

The Movies blog- spot is an interactive site for the information related to movies, actors, personnel and fictional characters features.
As one adjunct to data, the Movies blog- spot offers a rating scale that allows users to rate films by choosing one of ten categories in the range 1–5, with each user able to submit one rating. The points of reference given to users of these categories are the descriptions "1 (skip the movie)" and "5 (excellent-must watch)"; and these are the only descriptions of categories. Due to the minimum category being scored one, the mid-point of the range of scores is 3, rather than 2.5 as might intuitively be expected given a maximum score of three.
These ratings will give them a detailed view of the movie.
Unique Features of Movies blog- spot:
- Description of movie including year of release, starring, production house, director etc.
- Rating
- User’s Review
- Story board
- Suggestions
- Show Time
- Multi-Lingual
- Registered users can review new movies, rate movies and create new topics in story board.

The site provides lists of cast of crew for films, and biographies for actors and actresses. It also includes the latest news on films and actors and actresses, as well as quotes and celebrity birthdays. The site also has a gallery, which shows celebrities at various events

Why users should use:
The site allows people to register for free in order to contribute to the site by submitting information on films, actors and actresses etc. Registered users can also rate films, write reviews, comment about a particular actor or actress and much more (the registered user must have an email account and a web browser which accepts cookies in order to be able to submit information).
Our review will include details of movie including year of release, starring, production house, director, country of origin, languages in which they were released, budget of the movie and many more. So this will give the users a detailed insight of the movie.
Registered users can rate the movie and leave their valuable comments stating the reason for their rating.
This site gives special privileges for all the registered users such as Users reviews, which basically involves two things, first is writing a completely new review of a movie or a show which doesn’t exists in the Movies blog- spot and the latter one is writing the user review for the already existing Review from other users or administrators.
Story board are basically discussions held by a user on the particular related movie or personnel.
This website will give the list of show time for different movies.
Movies here are multi lingual, so one can feel free to write on the movie of his native language.

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